Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blah Blah Blah.

To be frank, today has been the very opposite of fun. But tomorrow is Friday {and pay day} and that thought is the only thing getting me through this 12.5 work day - yes. twelve and a half hours. of work. Somebody shoot me.

In hopes of lifting my spirits, and anyone elses out there who needs a little nudge, I wanted to share a few things online that have been keeping me awake at my desk this week.

[01.] Sean and I are trying to buy a home -yes an actual house!- this fall. Other than searching for cute little bungalow's like this beauty, I've been thinking a LOT about Urban Homesteading. I can't wait to have my own little backyard garden!

[02.] My friend Nicky just got back from India, and her stories are HILARIOUS! I literally laughed out loud after reading some of the things she's seen on her travels!

[03.] She & Him videos. Zooey always makes me smile!

[04.] My friend Gina works at a chocolate shop... Zoe's to be more specific. She brought a box for us to taste last weekend -- best. chocolate. ever. {my favorite is the pistachio. and the coffee. and the caramel apple. ugh... you get the idea...}

[05.]  Yes, my celebrity crush is Michael Moore. I may or may not ask him to marry/make love to me on a regular basis. Judge away, everyone else does.

On a lighter, more excited note................ I'm getting my quarter sleeve filled in this weekend! Expect before and after pics on Monday!! :)

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  1. Glad my ridiculous mishaps have kept you slightly entertained! Can't wait to see pics of the finished sleeve && gina's chocolates put willy wonka to shame!


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