Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

So last week sucked. I got some pretty terrible news, Sean got the flu, and then I pulled a muscle in my back and was bed ridden for two days. OK... so two days watching movies on the couch with Sean didn't really suck........................ but the rest, definitely suck-y.

This is when I like to remember that my friends are really amazing at cheering me up! I had been planning to vist one of my best friends Denise, but towards the end of the week I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen. But, bad back and all, I forced myself into my car and drove an hour to see my friend. Best decision of the entire week.

Denise is one of the best cooks I've ever seen, and her and her husband Stuart greeted me with homemade nachos and some really good laughs! I was super bummed that Sean had to stay home, but it was sooooo nice to get out of the house for a little while and leave all of my drama at home. We got into our sweats pretty early in the night, and just had fun being together. It was nice to forget that a few hours prior I was at home feeling sorry for myself! I woke up Saturday morning to made-from-freaking-scratch cinnamon rolls and we walked around Charlottesville looking at houses and talking about the future. It was a breath of fresh air [literally].

Best part? Denise & Stuart just got the cutest little puppy I have ever seen! Meet: Godzilla [and big brother, Baboos]

I was having so much fun with Denise and Stuart that I almost forgot that Sean was stuck at home alone [oops!] and so I finally arrived back in Richmond by Saturday night. It felt really good to be missed, and we ordered a pizza and watched movies together... poor Sean didn't start feeling better until last night, just in time for work. Blehhh.

I had made reservations at this really fancy French resteraunt, however we both decided that it would be much more fun to cook at home in our pj's since Sean was still feeling kind of sick. We went to the grocery and picked out fresh roses, steak, crab cakes, french bread, asparagus, wine and this really amazing reeses-brownie-thing.

Sean doesn't even like sweets [more for me!] but...... we were both fighting over this baby. It was probably the best brownie we've both ever tasted!

 We spent the night watching Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind and cuddling with the two best puppies ever [yes, I forced Pete to wear a purple sweater. I am one of those people]. We love this movie, because secretly we both know that the main characters are an exaggerated version of ourselves. We may argue and sometimes we don't even act like we like eachother very much.... but at the end of the day, Sean is my soulmate and there isn't anyone else I could ever picture spending my life with! This was our 11th Valentines Day together, and I love knowing that it will not be our last!

 [hopefully next year we can try the fancy resteraunt]

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!


  1. This post made me smile from ear to ear! So glad you were able to make it this weekend! Your Valentines celebration looks perfect! I would have been fighting you for that brownie!! YUMMMMMM!! Love you!!! Happy Valentines day!!!

  2. I second Denise's comment - I'm so glad you had a great weekend and your V-day dinner looked yummy! Love you lots, happy valentine's day :)


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