Tuesday, March 22, 2011

taking the good with the bad.

Although this weekend was pretty emotional, there were also good parts that are worth mentioning. My mom lives about an hour away, so it was nice to spend some time with her. She came in on Thursday, I took her out for dinner at Bottoms Up Pizza , and then she was pretty awesome and took me to the grocery and let me pick out all of the food I wanted (really really cool, especially since my fridge consisted of cheese and beer. period.)!

On Friday we had to be up bright and early (I got up around 5:45 a.m.) and she drove me to Williamsburg, Va for a training. She shopped while I learned about Yoga, Nutrition, and Music Therapy. As far as trainings go, this one was pretty rad! It made me really miss my daily meditation, and also made me want to experiment with this.

Friday was kind of a tough day, and after leaving the emergency vet we decided to pick up dinner at La Bamba... which was perfect because this place is a little whole in the wall, meaning there weren't many people around. I gulped down a 32 oz. margarita and we cried a little together. It felt good to get that emotion out in a safe place.

Saturday morning I woke up to cinnamon rolls (ugh... so g o o d!) and we hurried to get dressed so that we could go out and shop a little before Sean returned from his work conference. We went to Target (where I picked up 4 awesome cardigans, starbucks, and dog food... retail therapy is THE best!), Pet Smart (where I got a travel crate for Pete -- we're going to D.C. together in a few weeks... more on that later!), and then ended the day at Applebee's for a big salad. Oh, we also got pedicures... so relaxing and much needed!

My mom went home Saturday afternoon and that night Sean and I sat around watching movies. We usually go out, but I was totally drained and he was kind enough to keep me company - even though I passed out around 11 o'clock (whoops)! We finished the weekend off at my in-law's house on Sunday... where we had dinner and just hung out. The perfect ending to any weekend!

Most of all, this weekend was full of people checking in on me and sharing memories they had of little Imogen. It was really cool to see how many people she made an impact on, and made me happy that she had a life full of so much love! To everyone out there who wrote on my facebook, commented on this blog, called me, texted me, emailed me, and hugged me -- THANK YOU! It's so much easier getting through a hard time when so many people are there showing support. I love you guys :)

So... before I wrap up the sad Imogen posts completely, I thought I'd share a few pictures I found from Imogen's glory days in college! My friend Nicky said it best... how many ferrets really get to experience COLLEGE?!?! And trust me, she lived it up like the rest of us...

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  1. Jamie and my mom used to do the hot yoga. Intense!


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