Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camping Season!

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Today has been pretty un-eventful... work wise... so my minds naturally been wandering to other things, specifically my excitement that it's once again camping season! Last year I didn't get to go as much as I would like, but we did manage to squeeze one great trip in with another couple that I can't seem to get enough of :)

I've already started planning a few trips, because I really want to make camping a regular part of my life - and I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of my friends are feeling the same! There really is nothing better than the freedom that comes with sleeping outside, cuddled up to a warm campfire with comfort foods such as s'mores, hot dogs (lol @ Denise), doritos of every flavor, and an ice cold beer. Laughing with friends only makes these experiences fonder.

Our first camping trip of the season is going to be the weekend of Earth Day (how perfect is that?) Our house isn't very religious, so I didn't realize that this is actually Easter weekend... but to me, Easter is symbolic of renewal and the one holiday that seems to celebrate Spring and everything that is in bloom - so a camping trip makes sense to us (plus, we'll be home Sunday morning anyway)! I hope that this can become a tradition, because I would love for my children to one day look forward to spending Earth Day in a sleeping bag underneath the stars. The thought of my future family huddled around a campfire makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Anyway, I invited some of our closest friends on a 3 night adventure at Northlanding Beach and I'm so excited because our campsite will be right on the water! I've never gone camping on the beach before, so I have a feeling this weekend will be pretty memorable. And for now, the only 'babies' I'll be cuddled up with will be our two pups Pete and Samson... which is fine with me!

Do you like to go camping? I'd love to hear some of your favorite camping spots!

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