Thursday, May 05, 2011

International Day of the Midwife

Today is a very special day, because it is two holiday's in one! It's obviously Cinco de Mayo... but more importantly (in my opinion) it's International Midwives Day!

What many people don't know, is that I very seriously considered leaving my job and becoming a midwife... the ONLY thing that has stopped this dream is the tiny little detail around the fact that you have to train for about 3+ years to become a direct entry midwife, and you do not get paid (you actually pay for this training most of the time). Since I can't afford to not work for 3+ years... I'm looking for something that's closely related and in the meantime telling everyone who cares to listen about how important, beneficial, and self-less this profession is!

Midwives are very special people. They are basically on call 24/7, for 365 days a year. They can be found in hospitals, birthing centers, or within the home. They are counselors, mentors, coaches, best friends, soul sisters, the voice of reason. They are the parent and baby's biggest fan, and without them... the sanctity of birth and the mother's rights would very quickly diminish.

Midwives are so essential to our culture, and at the same time... they aren't given the respect or adoration that they deserve. As a matter of fact, they are illegal in some states and most people don't really understand who they are and what they do.

They are advocates. They believe that healthy women's bodies are naturally able to give birth without medical interventions. They cherish the woman's birth plan and go above and beyond to accommodate her wishes while still delivering a safe and healthy baby. They are goddesses; patron saints of birth and femininity.

I could sing their praises all day long, but instead of hearing it from me I would encourage you to do some of your own research -- I recommend looking here, here and here for starters. And I definitely recommend that you watch t h i s if you haven't already.

Do you have a midwife in your life? Would you ever consider using a midwife? Have you used a midwife? Are you a midwife?

To all of the midwives out there, thank you for doing what you do every single day. Thank you for putting your lives on hold so that other lives can come into being. Thank you for being the refuge in so many women's lives. Thank you for keeping birth natural, simple, and beautiful.

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