Thursday, August 25, 2011

i see london, i see france . . .

I have the most exciting news. Ever.

Sean and I haven't been on a real vacation since our honeymoon three years ago. We've been busy paying our student loans, rent, piles and piles of endless bills, and basically just trying to keep our head above water ever since we've been flung out of college and into the ''real world''.

It's kind of been taking it's toll on us lately, because when all of your money goes to bills and you watch all of your friends go on cruises and tropical getaways you start to get really, really bitter.


We've decided that it's impossible for us to go any longer without a fun vacation together and where better to go than our all time most favoritest place in the entire world - - - L o n d o n!!!!!!!! We cuddled on the couch last night and looked up bus passes, museum passes, and reminiced about our trip to London in college where I decided that the only place I could ever live and be happy would be London itself. Because I live in the real world, I realize this isn't going to happen... but at least we can visit!

We're officially going in March, and obviously I couldn't be more thrilled!!!!!! :)


  1. SO amazing! YOu will look forward to this all year long! March is a fun time to go, too. I hope you have the most spectacular time!!!!

  2. That's so awesome! Lucky :DD I'm so so excited for you two! Have fun :D Take lots and lots of photos.

  3. thanks, ladies! i am pretty freakin pumped to say the least!

    we're going in march 1. because we can use our tax retuns and 2. because it will be less crowded and it's wayyyyy cheaper. last time we went it was in january, and i think i like it better when it's chilly and gloomy out!

    looking forward to seeing st. pauls again and the london eye... which we missed out on last time! whoop whoop!

    xx, kara

  4. Wooo! So happy for you guys!! Much deserved for sure! Too bad you're not going back to good ole' Amsterdam! ;) What FUN! If you guys do decide to hop over there, you HAVE to bring me back a perverted yard gnome!

  5. How wonderful! I'm so jealous. Take me! Take me!

  6. LUCKY!!!! i totally get what you mean. we have friends who go on a two week vacation twice a year and they're always so nonchalant about it and like, "oh, i wish i was still in hawaii, that seems so long ago, last month does..." and i'm all ragey and jealous.


    good for you!!


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