Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life Lately

I have officially been off of work since Friday, thanks to little miss Hurricane Irene. Best part, we never lost power :)  [although our roof started leaking again... ugh!]

Therefore, I have spent the last 4 days hanging out on our rooftop deck with my friend Kari, making ridiculous youtube videos (mocking this hilarious news footage), eating and drinking as many carbs as possible (gym, please!!!!), and watching way too many movies.

Speaking of movies, I highly recommend: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (I want to buy a juicer now!), Never Let Me Go (one of the strangest movies I've seen in a long, long time - but so so good!), Something Borrowed (because everyone likes a good chick flick) and Hesher (which I watched 2 days in a row - this movie will blow your mind!) I watch enough movies that I honestly think I should cash in and start doing reviews! Wouldn't that be an amazing job?!

We were dog sitting our friends pup Biltmore and they picked him up last night. Sean had to work, so I had 3 adorable pups all to myself! We had a mini photo shoot, of course:

Some Richmonders weren't so lucky, and are still power-less. I can't imagine not having electricity for that long, and I hope everyone still waiting on Dominion is safe & making it through!

After working a full day today and a half a day tomorrow (I'm gettin' my hair diddddd!), I will be off for another 4 days for Labor Day Weekend. For once, it pays to be a social worker ;)


  1. YES to the juicer! you should totally do it. also, i tried to watch Never Let Me Go, it was so weird and I fell asleep. And I loved Something Borrowed, but I also loved the book! And your ass has gotten an awful lot of views! hahaha

  2. hahaha yeah, i should probably be more embarrassed by that video than i actually am. what can i say, the product of bordom + alcohol!

    the beginning of Never Let Me Go almost made me stop watching it, because it was extremely weird and i had a hard time following it at first... HOWEVER the middle and end were really good, but it def only kept getting weirder. I love a good, weird movie :)

    If I had to recomend ONE movie... it would DEF be Hesher. That movie blew my mind & I keep thinking about it and all of the hidden meanings. SO GOOD!

  3. I've never seen any of those movies...might have to take a peek at them!

    Good that you didn't lose power. We didn't either, but the hurricane mostly broke up by the time it got to us (Maine) as they usually do.

    These dogs are so cute, lol! Fun photos!

  4. This is awesome - I've loved hanging out with you. You make me belly laugh and I love it <3


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