Friday, September 02, 2011

Hair Day!

This week has seriously been the best - you have no idea how badly I needed to chill out from reality and relax a little. It's funny how the universe is so good at balancing things out. I only worked a day and a half this week, and I'm currently in the midst of enjoying a 4 day weekend. Life is good :)

Nothing makes me feel better than getting my hair done - and trust me, I really needed it this time. My hair was extremely dry, faded, and looked like such a rats nest. Yesterday I saw my girl Carol at Bombshell and she worked her magic. If you're ever in the Richmond area I highly recommend her, she's the only hairdresser I've met who makes your hair the EXACT shade that you want... no matter what your hair looks like to begin with. I'm not exaggerating, she is the ultimate Queen of Color.

Today I'm deep cleaning our loft and taking a quick break to hit up the store for a fall scented candle, more bleach, and drain-o. I feel like I'm working all of my frustration out on every room of our apartment, and it feels amazing!

I hope you get to enjoy a long weekend, as well. Do you have anything fun planned? I have a few cookouts that I get to attend, and I hope I get a chance to lounge at the river! Stay safe :)

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