Monday, October 31, 2011

zombie love/a very happy halloween to you!

This weekend Sean and I had our annual Halloween Bash and it was a huge success! We started the night ''adult trick or treating'' with some of our friends in our apartment building, and each spot had a delicious, Halloween themed adult beverage. The party then moved to our loft, where there was a ton of yummy finger foods and a punch that literally knocked me on my ass by the end of the night (aka...I had to buy a new shower curtain the next morning. whoops.)

Check out some of the guests.... everyone seriously looked amazing! Can you guess what everyone dressed as?
A heterosexual... hahaha :)

The Bronx Zoo Cobra!

Lady Gaga

My husband lookin' hot in tights... and he sewed his costume himself!


Me with the ''Modern Day Drug Dealer'' ;)

''It's not easy being green'' :)

I had a ton of snacks on hand: lots of cookies, candy, popcorn, pizza bagels, chips, and probably the biggest hit of the night....... witches fingers dipped in blood! They came out a little fat, so next year I'll know to use less dough. All you do is roll pizza dough into finger shapes and add sliced almonds for fingernails. The blood is marinara sauce. I probably ate about 304923042314 fingers.

And of course, the pups dressed up and had a blast eating just as much as we did. The more I drank, the more cookies and fingers they got. Shame on my part... you can imagine what happens when a dog eats a ton of food when they usually don't get anything besides dog food and a few treats. But a few times a year can't hurt :)

Do you celebrate Halloween? Did you dress up this weekend or are you saving your costume for tonight? I would love to see pictures if you have them :)


  1. I love the idea of adult trick or treating! How fun!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. You are truly the Halloween Queen. Let's forget our HORRID ex-boyfriends! xx

  3. @julie... It was so much fun! We're lucky to have such great neighbors! We're planning something similar for Xmas ;)

  4. @lauren... AGREED :) xxxxx


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