Monday, September 20, 2010

Nature, Family & Food.

This weekend was relaxing {minus the 14 hour migraine Saturday & Sunday in which I wanted to D.I.E.}. When I got home from work on Friday I got into one of my "cleaning freak outs" and went around the loft with my bleach bottle for about 3 1/2 hours. This tends to happen every few weeks and for some reason I do it whenever I'm extremely stressed out - Sean knows by now to stay out of my way. I finished the night off with pizza and a movie in my pajamas. Perfect.

Sean's cousin and her family came into town from North Carolina, and we decided to get together and visit Maymont Park with their little baby, Elizabeth. We had so much fun talking and laughing that I almost didn't realize the exercise we were getting as we walked up and down hills for two hours. Mental Note: Should have left the cute boots at home.

Anyway, here are some pics I snapped on our little adventure:

trees are always my favorite subject.
the piggy's are my favorite!
Happy Girl!
Sean testing his wing span...pretty impressive!

We could not have asked for nicer weather!

Yesterday I was so bummed because I woke up and my head was still throbbing. All week I have been craving this Chicken Crescent Ring that my mom used to make us growing up and I was dying to share it with Sean and my in-laws. Luckily, my migraine finally went away and we called Sean's parent's over for a nice dinner --
I Cooked...

Can you believe how yummy this looks? I was so happy because everyone knows I'm not the best cook, and we all went back for seconds! You can find the recipe that I used here, and there are sooooo many different ways to make this.
So dang yummy!!!
{so proud I didn't burn the loft down or poison anyone!}

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Maymont rocks. We need to go when we come visit! Those porkers are something else btw.

    Congratulations on cooking! :) I think if you want something bad enough, you can cook anything you set your mind to! :)

  2. I would pay a great deal of money to never have to suffer through a migraine again. I had one so bad last weekend that it started making my ears and jaw hurt. :'(

  3. I really like Sean's wingspan.

    Your cooking looks good. I just heated up biscuits in the oven and didn't burn them!

    I'm glad you had a nice relaxing weekend.

  4. oh my gosh, i'm drooling. that looks SO good! i must try this. i'm a horrible cook, too... both of my parents are amazing cooks, and yet i am not. thanks for not passing down the cooking genes, parents. ;)

  5. the recipe looks yummy! i will have to give it a try :)

  6. Looks like a fun day! &I that look uber yummy! You look like a cook to me ;)


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