Friday, September 17, 2010

A Very Fall Friday :)

Payday always reminds me -without fail- that I am, indeed, a grown up. However, I still managed to treat myself to my very first Pumpkin Latte of the season. Oh, and I picked up an Apple Fritter for the hell of it... I deserve it!
 {wish I could transport this smell over the internet, to.die.for.}

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, and Boho Girl mentioned an e-mail that she got this morning. It said:

When we say no, or when we follow our dreams or true callings - people might be "disappointed" in our choices.
Allowing people their disappointment sets us free.

I really, really needed to hear this. Funny how this made me feel a little more confident this morning. You can't control people's emotions... you can't make them happy or excited just because you are. But that can't keep you from feeling that way.

I'm a people pleaser. If you're also a bit of a push over, you can relate. I've made some decisions lately for my family that others have been less than thrilled at.... but it's time to let it go. They are allowed to be disappointed, and I am allowed to be free. Plus, I'm starting to be totally convinced that some people aren't happy unless others are unhappy...

Happy Friday, hope you find a way to treat yourself today - you deserve it!


  1. Lovely Friday morning post! A very fall morning indeed! Where I am it is very chilly, and a pumpkin spice latte would do wonders for me right now. I am so happy you treated yourself this morning! :) Hope you have a spectacular weekend.

  2. I love Autumn it is my favourite season, what I am disappointed about with is that we don't get these Pumpkin latte's in England :(

    Have one for me :)

    O and a great weekend.

  3. oh gosh, i needed to hear that quote, too! i swear, sometimes she posts things and am i CONVINCED she knows where my heart is at that day. ;)

    have a beautiful weekend, dear heart! <3

  4. Love that quote, soooo true!!!

  5. LOVE that! Thanks for the awesome quote!!


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