Monday, January 31, 2011

how to turn a sad morning into a happy afternoon.

This morning I was having a really awful time feeling sorry for myself. I decided that I needed to work on my attitude and make the most out of the day, and so I decided to get some fresh air. I pulled off my work pants and sweater, and quickly changed into my running clothes. I took the steps downstairs, and started running for the river. I ran past cars and buildings and buisness men, and straight for the water. It felt so good to be outside that I kept running all the way to Belle Isle, a little island about 1.5 miles away from where I work.

I just kept running through all of the stress and all of the pain. For the first time in a long time, it didn't feel like I was working out. It felt like therapy. I ran over a suspended bridge and looked to both sides; I was surrounded by water. I could smell fresh mulch and hear the leaves rustling in the winter air. I could see birds flying above me and ran past walls colored in grafitti. I felt lighter than air. I ran all the way across that bridge until my toes landed in the sand and I sat there for a minute, just looking at how peaceful the river was. I looked up and down and left and right and every direction greeted me with something beautiful and refreshing. It was hard to force myself out of that trance, and run back to the office. But I promised myself that I will run outside at least once a week, giving myself a break from the usual gym routine.

The fresh air lightened my mood and made me really happy. I take for granted things that are just within reach of my office building, and it was nice to be reminded that a place so peaceful exists so close to my everyday routine. It's amazing how time in nature really made me feel good and gave me so much positive energy, which has helped today become pretty great.

Some other great things that happened today:

[01] My boss bought me some chips out of the vending machine after I mentioned that I was craving them :)

[02] Sean's car was making funny noises, so I picked him up this morning. Not very happy about his car, but it was nice having a few unexpected moments with him today!

[03] After my run, I had a warm chicken breast with a side salad - made with love by my mother in law last night.

[04] I have realized that I do have supportive friends who love me and appreciate me, and a husband that I can always lean on if I need to. I am a lucky girl and have no reason to spend my day sulking.

[05] I stepped on the scale today and lost 2 pounds over the weekend... whoop whoop!

How do you shake a bad mood?


  1. thank goodness for bosses who buy us treats! :) hahaha... i love it when that happens!!!

  2. I am glad your day improved sugar tits! I hope it only continues to improve!!!! I really don't see how it couldn't! ;)

    Love you tons & tons!!!

  3. I was going to say, exercise can really lift me out of a funky mood. All it takes is the motivation to exercise in the first place!

    I tend to indulge myself when I have a cruddy day. Like today, I made myself a cup of tea and took a nap. Most days I don't have the time - but when an oportunity comes around, grab it!


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