Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Today I saw this little guy while I was walking outside to meet my dad this afternoon {he surprised me with a father + daughter lunch date - so sweet!} It's a whopping 65 degrees today in Richmond, Va... and I couldn't be more excited for Spring!

... I guess today was a little teaser, and tomorrow will be back to wet, cold, winter not-so-awesomeness.

On a positive note, Valentine's Day is coming up! Only 12 more days! In case you were wondering, Valentine's Day is my second favorite holiday [the first being Halloween]...

I'm excited about dressing up and going out for a nice dinner with my hubby.
[Then coming home and cuddling with my puppies over a ginormous bowl of ice cream]

Here's a fun post I did last year, especially for my Valentine.


  1. Haha well it's a whopping 12 degrees here in Utah!

    Cute Lady Bug. :)

  2. That Lady bug is so cute!


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