Thursday, May 26, 2011

You may be a [crazy obsessed] dog person IF . . .

What you're about to read is a little list that I made up this morning after I was woken up by a tennis ball under my back, my covers stolen by my 70 lb boxer, and realizing that even though we have a king sized bed... I was somehow squished up against the wall with cramped legs. [Either way, I will always always always let my puppies sleep in the bed ;) ]

You may be a [crazy obsessed] dog person IF:

1. You allow your dogs to sleep in the bed, even at the cost of your own comfort. This usually means that your dog(s) will creep up to the top of the bed while you are sleeping, steal all of your pillows, take the blanket from you, and sprawl out to the point where there is little room for you. If you have a dog who loves toys, watch out for tennis balls... they don't feel that awesome once they're carelessly lodged behind your back or neck. Also, beware... you could wake up to a dog butt in your face.

2. When at a party, you pull out pictures of your dog(s) as if they're your children. This one happens a lot, especially thanks to whoever invented camera phones. People! My dog is just that cute! If you don't believe me, here, look at this tiny puppy slide show I've complied as cute puppy evidence.

3. Your dog(s) have multiple facebook albums or you have totally crossed over to the dark side and created them a facebook all their own. [our dogs don't have facebooks... but sean's dog in high school did have her own myspace ;) ]

4. When you're at a bar or other social place meeting people for the first time and some one asks you if you have children, you say yes. two actually. a really cute boxer named Samson and the most adorable schnoodle ever, Pete! wait... that's what you meant by 'children' right?

5. Your in-laws refer to your pups as 'grand-puppies' and your dog(s) know exactly who their going to see when you say, in a very high pitched and excited voice, ''let's go see grandma and grandpa!""

6. You make funny voices for your dogs and make them say funny things. Even when you have company. Come on, I know we aren't the only people who do this!

7. You laugh hysterically when your dog farts, even though it smells terrible!!!!!

8. Ok, this one isn't that crazy. At Christmas, your dog(s) have their very own stocking. Family members buy them gifts, and you find that most of the presents under the tree are for your pup(s). [i spent $80 on our pups stocking stuffers this year.... more than I spent on anyone else except Sean! ok... maybe a little crazy]

9. You have several ''I love my _____'' paw and/or bone shaped bumper stickers on your car. Mine wouldn't stick to my car because it's apparently all plastic [awesome!].... so ours are on our refrigerator.

10. Lastly, you may be a crazy obsessed dog person if your dog dresses better than you do. Pete know's what i'm talking about.

What crazy things do you do for your pets?

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  1. Love this post! I'm such a dog person, I can relate to a lot of these! My Mom isn't much of an animal person but she even has a stocking with treats and new toys for our family dog around Christmastime!


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