Monday, October 03, 2011

a lovely tour of richmond via instagram...

Some people think Richmond is 'boring' or 'too small'... but I tend to think it's purely awesome, as long as you're open minded and know the right spots and the right people :)

Here are some of the places I frequent in this intimate little city:

[01] Shameless pup pics. Really, these two are awesome no matter what city they live in :)

[02] Brunch is a Richmond essential. Our favorites include: River City Diner, Can Can Brasserie, and Cafe Gutenberg (RIP)

[03] We have trains! Who doesn't love trains? (this is in my backyard!)

[04] Most of the lofts around here have rooftop decks, perfect for soaking up sunshine and gazing at our beautiful city skyline :)

[05] A perfect Sunday typically includes Mimosa's & amazing food at Comfort, followed by a peaceful day at the James River.

[06] There are so many historic warehouses turned into trendy lofts. This is my favorite alley-way behind where we live, Paper Company.

[07] The best sushi experience, and the best movie experience. Hands Down.

[08] Even though we're a city, we still have a ton of cool parks and places to relax under a tree :)
Some of my favorite parks include: Maymont, Bryan Park and James River Park.

 For more awesome places in Richmond, check out the guest post a did a while back for Sometimes Sweet. Also, here is another post that I wrote about being thankful for where I live. What are your favorite things about where you live??


  1. i think i love YOUR views of richmond the most! haha. dude comfort, SO GOOD.

  2. @Kim: Ummmmmm the pimento cheese/fried green tomatoe sandwich with sweet potatoe hash - TO. DIE. FOR.


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