Friday, October 07, 2011

the poor girls guide to fall clothing (but first a quick update)

Holy moly, I can't believe it's already Friday! Buuuut... I am so, so happy that it is -- this weekend I'm crossing two things off my Halloween To-Do List: A Haunted Hay Ride and a Scary Movie Marathon. I'd be lying if I told you I haven't been panicking about the Haunted Hay Ride for the past week.... I keep trying to figure out a way to become the official ''bag holder'' without looking like a total wuss. Why must all haunted hay rides and houses have chainsaws?!?!?!

Anyway, yesterday was a really great day for me. I went on an interview, and it was probably the most relaxing and dare I say fun things that I have done all week month. I usually interview pretty well, but I've never felt such a connection and positive energy so quickly. I don't want to jinx anything so more details may be coming next week... just keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed for me! This would be a really awesome experience, and the thought of beginning a totally new career path in possibly 2 weeks is probably one of the best things that has been running through my mind in a long, long time!

So, now let's talk a little about being poor and adjusting your clothes to the seasons...

I haven't been shy about sharing my financial struggles on this blog, and one thing that I really struggle with (other than keeping up with a social life on a tight budget) is my wardrobe. To give you a visual, last year Sean visited me at work and said [direct quote] ''you look straight out of the breakfast club, and you look like a lesbian in those Birkenstock's!'' ouch.

Most people would probably be offended by that comment, but we actually had a pretty good laugh about it... because other than the Birk's I was sporting baggy black pants, a frumpy sweater, and his overly large black jacket which came down to my knees. It was bad, people. So from that moment on, I knew I had to figure out some kind of way to look stylish on a budget.

I already have a ton of cardigans... I have a box filled with at least 50 of them because I have to cover up my tattoo's for work year round (Forever 21 is awesome for cardigans... they're like $30!). So my first advice to you would be to stock up... because these things can be worn all year round and dress up any outfit pretty easily. I have a ton of those $7 tank tops from Target, the really soft ones, and I usually just pair one of those with a cardigan and a skirt or even with some dress pants. It works... I haven't gotten the Breakfast Club comment in a while.

This summer I also stocked up on dresses. Every few months I would save all of my pennies up and buy a really, really nice dress that I knew was made well and would last. I have about 6 or 7 dresses from Urban Outfitters, 3 from American Apparel, and 2 from Modcloth. These were not cheap ($60 to me is a freakin' fortune) and my plan is to wear them ALL YEAR. How you ask?

First of all, make sure that when you buy a dress it's a solid color or if it's patterned, make sure you have several solid cardigans to pair it with. Most of my clothes are solid colors because I like to have a ton of ways to mix and match, and this makes it sooooo much easier. Almost everything in my wardrobe can be mixed and matched.... so it looks like I have way more outfits than I actually do.

Exibit A: Each of these dresses can be paired with your favorite cardigan. I have #1 in two colors, and wear the black one twice per work week with a different cardigan and nobody notices!

Since it's just the beginning of fall... I have been sticking to my favorite sandals for just a tad bit longer and keeping my legs bare with a long sleeve cardy. But once it starts to cool down and actually stays cool, there are other ways to continue wearing these dresses while keeping warm & cozy.

Exibit B: Invest in several good pairs of tights and at least one good pair of boots and flats.

The cooler it gets, the thicker the tights! Also... there is one last layer which is probably the coziest in my humble opinion.

Exibit C: The scarf. I wear these almost daily. You can knit your own, find them on side street vendors, or buy them almost anywhere (Etsy's my favorite place to shop -- they're exxxxtra cozy!).

I may not be the most stylish person ever, but I think figuring out how to wear your clothes year round (without looking silly) is definintly something to be proud of! And you know you feel best when you're lookin' good... so it's nice to know that you can feel and look your best, even on the tightest budgets. :)


  1. This is an excellent post. I bitch on my blog all the time about how I have trouble with work-appropriate clothing (actually most of my outfits sound similar to your "breakfast club" look) and this breaks it down in a really easy to understand way. I know a lot of blogs that have tried to do this type of thing and I'm still lost- but I think I understand what you're saying here. Nice. ^_^

  2. @Meghan... haha i am so happy you can relate! and also, as some one who probably should be the last person on the planet to post about fashion, your compliment means a lot! thanks! :)

  3. I still need to make a list of to-do things for Halloween!

    I really want to go to an apple orchard :D

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. That's how I do it too:-) I'm naturally a budget/saving/kind of person, so I always try and make more out of less. Like a challenge! xoxo


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