Thursday, October 06, 2011

tunes perfect for night driving with the windows down and the heat on

I love fall, and one of my favorite things to do (which Sean hates because it's pretty wasteful) is to drive with the windows down on a cool night and blast the heat. This is especially fun when you're by yourself and have your iphone handy with some amazing tunes.

There's really nothing quite like it. It's relaxing and it makes even the worst days feel pretty great. Today was actually pretty perfect, so I felt unstoppable tonight as I drove home from dinner at my in-laws house.

What are my favorites, you ask? Check it:

First Aid Kits cover of the Tiger Mountain Peasant Song 

Anything Holly Ann, but in particular I fancy Every Night

Actually, I can never get enough of First Aid Kit in the fall. My favorite song is Pervigilo and I usually listen to it twice for good measure.

Mumford & Son's... my favorite is White Blank Page (I listen to it at least 10 times per day, no joke)

And finally, being the hardcore Copeland fan that I am, The Lulls in Traffic (Aaron's new band). My favorite is The Rope to Pull Yourself Together.

What are some of your favorite bands? Don't you agree that some songs fit specific seasons perfectly?

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