Monday, December 12, 2011

decorating my space.

Living alone certainly has it's perks - first and foremost, getting to decorate however you want. I have a very bohemian style, and it's been fun finding interesting pieces and seeing how they all fit together in my 'new' space.

I am so lucky, because every Saturday the alley behind my complex transforms into a place where artists, thrifters, and antique buyers come together. Another bonus, I have two amazing friends who own galleries next door, so I am always searching over their art and finding great pieces. I love living in the art district :)

Two lovlies who found a home with me this weekend - the Ottoman is from Micheal Sparks Design and the small table is from my good friend Bart's Studio.

So far my bedroom, bathroom and living room are complete (pictures to come)! Next on my wishlist, is a giant tee-pee for my room downstairs... a dreamy getaway filled with pillows, candles, star lights, and good books. Here are some on my wishlist:

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  1. giant tee pee sounds AMAZING. a perfect place to chill out. i love the one with the lights! hope you can make it happen! :)


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