Monday, January 09, 2012

where i have been.

I have been missing from this space for a little while, because I have been so busy transforming my life into a state that is so much healthier and happier. I have been trusting and listening to myself, surrounding myself with positive people, and literally enjoying every moment -- taking life in and loving where I am right now and where I will end up when my lease ends in August.

Pete and I have been feeling lonely since Sean moved out with Samson in November, and I have been on the lookout for a lab or lab mix puppy. I wanted a puppy because let's be honest, without cable or internet I am more than ready to take on the challenge and devote myself completely to our newest addition. Wednesday I found an amazing couple with lab/hound mix puppies, and from the moment we spoke I knew it wouldn't be long before we brought a puppy home. We picked up Hannah on Friday after I got off work, and I feel as though for now our little ''pack'' is complete. Her mother was a stray, so we've been working on de-worming issues (after 2 treatments there have been no worms in sight for two days!!!)... but other than that, I think she's pretty happy in her new home.

The four of us spent the entire weekend with my neighbor India who is quickly becoming a best friend and her two pups. We ate way too many burgers, laughed harder than I have in a long time, had heart to hearts, and discovered a new found love in Maker's Mark and Dr. Pepper ;) We also met up with one of our other amazing girlfriends, Sarah Anne, and did a little shopping and went out to lunch -- I am so blessed to have these incredible women in my life, and they came at just the right time. I truly belive the Universe has a way of balancing things out, and that they are in my life for a very distinct reason.

Life is pretty good right now, and if I've learned anything from separating from my high school sweetheart, it's that trusting yourself is the key to happiness. I won't say that there aren't times when I don't think about Sean or miss the feeling of comfort and security that come with being in a relationship, but I know this path is right for me.

These two melt my heart :)


  1. I love hannah! ha, she's cute. And I love your comforter... Target I assume? :) Glad you are doing so well.

  2. Thanks Kim! I am so in love! Yes... my comforter is Target, along with 75% of the rest of my loft haha! xx

  3. Hannah is beautiful! Such a precious little face!xx


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