Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I've been thinking so much lately. About the possibilities ahead of me, about the fact that every time I blink I feel as though my life looks completely different, about the reality that I need a change of scenery in a big way. Mostly that it's ok that my life feels like a huge mess right now, because I have never felt so free.

I had a dream the other night that the world was ending. People around me were crying, fighting for survival, and suffering. The only thing I said was "I have wasted so much time." Now is the time to take risks, explore & value each moment. That may come with mistakes along the way, but every moment wasted is one we can never get back.

So it's official, I need to leave Virginia for the first time in my entire life. In August. I'm narrowing it down to several places: Washington State, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon. The best part, is that these thoughts could change at any moment and I could wind up somewhere completely different by this time next year.

I am learning to embrace the unknowing, and enjoy the ups and downs of living my life completely.


  1. how about come to canada? you might love it here...and we could go for coffee!!!!

  2. @Suzy -- uhmmmmm i've actually had the biggest obsession with canada for the longest time! coffee with you would also be quite nice :)


  3. DO IT. you could start in vancouver, head off through the rocky mountains for a bit, alberta, visit me in saskatchewan, and head on east, cuz every province is so completely different and wonderful...


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