Friday, March 12, 2010

our week in north carolina..

{packed in the car like nobody's business!}

Wednesday we left our loft once again for another road trip: this time, NC bound. We dropped our puppies off at my parent's house and needless to say, it was close quarters for the hour drive... we were all ready to stretch our legs and my dogs always have a blast in my mom's giant backyard. {i wish they could've come with us!!!}

So we drove 4 hours and finally arrived in North Carolina... and it is so gorgeous here. We are staying in a "village" and our room is where the old stables used to be. I keep hoping this place is haunted, but so far no ghost sightings.

This place was built in the 1930's and it feels like I am in Europe, especially with this misty weather we've had for most of our trip. I went for a jog yesterday and it felt so good to reconnect with nature and really push myself... I haven't been running outside for a few months and the weather was perfect

After dinner I walked home and it was sprinkling outside, and I enjoyed breathing in the moist air. I keep pretending I'm back in time and can't help but feeling like I'm a character in The End of the Affair. I swear... I was looking for Bendrix yesterday, pretending I was Sarah. I love pretending.

Today we are going on a mansion tour and I am so excited because I looooove history! I am excited to hear all of the stories and mysteries that this old place seems to be hiding.

Tomorrow we'll be here for a few hours before heading home. I love it here, but I miss our loft and am ready to get back to our crazy, everyday lives.

Hope your week has been as pleasant and calming as mine has been! xxoo


  1. sounds like you are having a marvelous trip! yay! i love the pic of you with the doggies!

  2. thanks, D! it was a blast -- we stayed @ Grayland and Oprah & MJ have both had parties there! :)


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