Friday, June 04, 2010

feeling dreamy.

It's Friday! It's Friday! I feel like taking a walk outside today during my lunch break... I just found out that several vendors are parked along the river, and there are spots for people to picnic on their lunch breaks! I may have to try this out.... a co-worker and I were talking about this yesterday. Can you believe how quickly the week passed? I hope the rain holds off... because tonight I am seeing a friends band play and I really, really want to lay out by the river. I just love this hot weather... driving with the windows down and blasting music. Sundresses. Wildflowers. So. Dreamy.

Basically, this is the mood I am in today:

Today I want to just close my eyes and pretend I am in a bed of wildflowers and long, whispy grass. Laying on a blanket. Sipping lemonaide. Reading a book. And ultimatley - taking a nap underneath the sunshine and some big, puffy clouds. Perfection. There is no better way to spend a day than with Mother Nature.

Have a glorious weekend - rain or shine - and don't be afriad to feel a little dreamy. Put on a sundress and dance. I think that's what I will do this weekend.



  1. how funny! i totally also feel like being naked in a field of lavender!

    (all joking aside, very awesome pics and blog)

  2. ohhhh i love these photos. dreamy, indeed! <3 i stood in a field today... in a floral dress. it was lovely!

    thank you so much for your sweet comment on my recent post... i'm so glad you read and continue to come back! such a dear soul, you are. <3


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