Sunday, October 16, 2011

an unexpected break in my routine.

I haven't been to work since Wednesday, because I've been at home resting my body and healing from a kidney infection. I only have one kidney, so the doctors want to make sure everything is 100% before I return to work. I was in a lot of pain up until Saturday morning, but today I am happy to report that I am feeling much, much better -- it doesn't even feel like anythings wrong :)

[lucky for me, I took Monday off a few weeks ago... so I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday!!!]

I'm pretty bummed that I missed homecoming this year.... especially since I didn't get to go last year. But it's always nice to have an unexpectedly long relaxing weekend. Friday night my best friend Brittany dropped her plans and came over for a pizza/movie night with me so that I didn't have to spend the night by myself. I thought that was pretty special (i love you soooo much Britt!), and between that and the many texts and phone calls from friends and family checking up, it's safe to say that I feel pretty loved.

Saturday a bunch of my friends who live in my building and I got together for brunch. I had about 5 cups of coffee and a Sunny Morning Sandwich, stuffed with scrambled eggs, tomato, and lots and lots of seasoning. I don't normally sit and gulp down coffee by the mug full, so it's safe to say I was jittery all day... but it was so much fun laughing with good friends -- I am truly fortunate for the people in my life right now. 

This year got off to a rocky start, as I've made a conscious effort of ridding negative people and things from my life. It's not always easy to say goodbye to things, especially when they're unhealthy, but I can honestly say that the changes I've made have led me to a much happier and positive existence. I've met some really cool people, learned a lot about  myself, and I'm choosing a totally different career path. For once, I actually feel like I'm in control of myself and my happiness, and it feels empowering.

My friend Kari and I were talking last night, and she told me that she thinks I'll be successful no matter what I do. I don't think she realizes how badly I needed this reassurance, and how good it was to hear that some one believes in me. Actually, so many people have told me that they believe in me and the path I am on... and I am so excited to see where it leads me and what my life looks like a year from now.

Tomorrow I'm getting the outline done for a sleeve I've been planning for a while now -- so get ready for some before and after pictures... I'm so excited! I also plan on doing a little thrifting... I've decided on a vintage tea party theme for our Thanksgiving dinner, so hopefully I can find some goodies :)

Speaking of goodies, my neighbor Bart is an amazing artist... you've gotta check him out! I have one of his little masking tape birdies in my kitchen, and I'm totally blown away by his talent -- click here you won't be sorry!

Also, a little article I found this week that I found absolutely inspiring. What you spend your time doing is important, so spend it wisely.

That's all for now, hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

p.s. This song's been on repeat all week long. I can't get enough.

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