Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Romantic Robots.

I think that from birth, little girls are spoon fed details and given directions to this perfect romance, this prince charming, that we always seem to look and hope for. Tucked deep away in our story books seem to be instructions on how it is that we should act in order to find this 'prince charming'... our knight in shining armour who will sweep us off our feet and take care of us forever. I can't speak for little boys and how this effects them, all this talk about how they need to fight to the death for their flawless (and helpless) princess. But I'd imagine maybe it's similar. Maybe they feel the pressures of society as well?

But what about those of us who don't quite fit the description in the first place? Those of us who ran barefoot in the forest pounding our chests, pretending to be animals or other strange, un-pretty beings. Building forts and rescuing, rather than waiting to be rescued? What about the little girls who are not looking for some one to take them to a far away castle.... the little girls who are looking for a fellow adventurer and a log cabin on top of a very large mountain. The ones who never brush their hair, who cover their bodies in tattoos, who have dirt under their fingernails? The ones who are looking for their equal? Those whose 'happily ever after' doesn't involve sipping tea and pretty dresses and servants and never misbehaving or raising ones voice or speaking the truth? Some of us even grow into women who prefer things a bit messy. A bit rough around the edges.

I used to think that you could learn to love anyone. That if you tried hard enough, you would fall in love and you would create this fantasy that Disney has been brainwashing children with for centuries. That if you spoke up a little less, gave a little more, always looked your best - your very own prince charming would fall deeply in love with you and the rest of the outside world would fade away. It would just be the both of you, locked away in your perfect castle, never arguing or crying or sitting in silence hating each other. But that's more of a fairytale than anything. You can't force love. It's not something you can study and dissect and experiment with until you finally wind up with some one who you are unbearably attracted to. Sometimes two people plain and simply aren't right for one another, no matter how much work you put into changing and often losing yourselves entirely.

The excitement is exploring those around you, finding out what you can live with and what you can live without. Not settling. Not changing. Not brushing your hair or putting make up on for any other reason than just feeling like it. Not pretending to be a victim when you're strong. Not wearing shoes because you like the way the grass and dirt feel when they touch your feet. And noticing those around you who enjoy the same things. That person, your prince, might just have dreadlocks, probably won't have a 6 pac, and most definintly won't ride around on a white horse looking like an asshole.

If I'm being honest, which I often find it hard not to be, I want some one who challenges me. Who isn't afraid to talk dirty. Who has a messy past but is somehow optomistic in how beautiful life is. Who knows my flaws and my weaknesses and all of the ugly parts of me. I want some one who could never leave me. Someone I feel so happy and comfortable and complete with, that I never have to wonder if I'm missing out on life  because with them I feel alive. I don't want to feel like a robot.

Someone who would write something like this, perhaps:


  1. This is why I love you! This post is so you....and I do agree with most of it. But as you know, I'm a lover of the fairytales and hopeless romances. Obviously we know this hasn't worked out so far, and in reality I know that nothing is perfect. It's about loving the person you've chosen to be with...flaws and all :) Well said lady. xoxo

    1. I love you sarah, you get it! :) We need a girls night..... Like yesterday! Let's make it happen! :)

  2. the first few sentences reminded me of that quote...disney princess movies give girls unrealistic expectactions about hair. well, it's true!! :) and so is all of the above. i feel ya!

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